Sunday, 31 July 2011


Today's greatest hits:

Flowers left by your bed
Careless whisper by George
Cruel Summer by Bananaramma
Re-issues of n.paradoxa
Buying tickets
Hologram cat covers for everything ever made
Licking sweaty skin

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Errrrrm what?

What about Shep's grave you uncaring bastards?


part 2

Bit worried that I am deluded. I have stopped being with someone I loved so dearly, who I never went all jittery in my stomach for but when he was around I felt a bit more complete.

Being with him made me, realise that I am fine on my own. (Which is a paradox really cos are you not suppose to realise that when you are single or totally fucking miserable with someone else?)
But I wasn’t totally fucking miserable.
I felt like I had a great new add-on. Like a super version of that feeling of when you read a book and think “How did I get this long in my life with out know about this great book?”, and being really pleased that you now know of it’s existence because something about it feels so familiar to you and reassures you that this world is for you.

I feel deluded because as much as I try I understand why he has gone away. Around me people are annoyed on my behalf but I get it.
I really believe that he will come back.
But the thing that makes me feel really deluded is that if he does then the world will be a bit funnier and I get his chest to sleep on again but if he doesn’t then that’s okay. It really is and this is a bit of a first for me.

Coffee, sugar free red bull and some sour skittles and here it is ladies and gentlemen:

Feel proper weird at the moment.

Maybe it is the time of year which always makes me think about finishing exams and leaving school.

That summer I did the following:

Walked around corn fields, sitting amonst the corn so you could not see over, smoking fags with my two best friends. I now feel really bad when I heard 'Farming today' and they talk about low yealds.

Having long discussions about what was cool and who wasn’t.

Doing lots of things cos “it’s ironic yeah”, like wearing children’s jewellery and having crushes on Pete Sampras.

Spent a very long time perfecting a ‘look’ which was suppose to look oh so different from everyone else but instead I was one of many Britpop clones or on an outrageous day a mini Ms Love. I though wearing Converse one stars instead of Adidas gazelles gave me an ‘edge’.

Trying to out obscure and have the most diverse music collection I could so to out do my mates. (We managed to re-make the Haddaway album together – cos it was like ironic yeah?)

Anyway I feel proper weird and I keep getting little flashes of feelings from that summer. Like something is about to start.


Monday, 27 June 2011


Sunday, 26 June 2011

bloody loves it

posting on the The Archers message board.
Hello new chums


New game: words that fit on your fingertips.
The ultimate in covert messages.
Best so far: PUG - TO - THUGZ.
Double page spread pictures coming soon.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

hoarders delight

my bed:
one roll of sellotape and a dent in the pillow.

Laughing my bloody socks off

When Jackie puts her sunglasses on at the end of 'The Kennedys' I nearly fell off my bed laughing.
The worst TV show ever surpassed itself.
Fucking brilliant

Friday, 24 June 2011

Things that make me giggle...

I keep walking past a florist with photos of floral displays saying "Mother, Father, Brother, Sister and...Brad"
For some reason this makes me chuckle.
The End

few eggs and no oranges

reading delight

Thursday, 23 June 2011

themes and process

Walking around with near tears pricking your eyes.
Ha Ha. Breathing!

Finally the time has come...

and i miss you terribly and i'm trying not to.

RFK drinking vessels

Things I love today:

Ethel Kennedy
This mug:

The Kennedys Vs The Simpsons

After extensive watching of The Kennedys (Which is YES dreadful) I now realise that Mayor Quimby’s from the Simpsons voice is a parody of JFK’s.
The thing is I didn’t realise this until I watched The Kennedy’s and thought who JFK sounds like a parody of Mayor Quimby.
After asking an American friend of mine I can confirm that I am once again correct.
Good - O

So hip right now

Rather large obsession forming with the Kennedys for me they are 2011's Churchill.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Darn it

Sometimes I feel life repeats itself.
One story of a boy I very much loved who really was still broken hearted about another girl has become this year's story except i'm now the boy.
The boy that has left now was once the shoulder to cry on and now I have gained a sholder to cry on and I wonder who he will end up with.
All of this reminds me of when I made a pros and cons list at 14 about two boys and ended up with neither.

double bubble

I want to be Caitlin Moran




So where would you rather live?
A island where all you can listen to is the Manic Street Preachers or an island where all you can listen to is Tiny Temper and neither is not a suitable response.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Invented a game yesterday called 'Mimic a Daily Mail reader'
1, Go the Daily Mail website, find the online polls.
2, You must try and guess Yes or No to the polls as if you read the Daily Mail.
3, Click on your chosen answer to see if you are right!

Alternative rules:

Answer the poll as yourself and see if you are really a Daily Mail reader pretending to read The Guardian.
Got a poster from TOAST today. The mood i'm in I may blu tac it to my wall. I'm 31.
stupid thoughts that spring to mind when you should be focusing on the serious